DiBlasi R34 Electric Folding Trike


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DiBlasi R34 Electric Folding Trike


Fully built and delivered ready to ride

An engineering masterpiece, built in Italy

The Di Blasi R34 folding electric tricycle has a unique mechanism that folds into a cube in seconds.

  • It will fit through a door space of 35cm

Designed and manufactured in Italy the same design as the R32 and with the added electric power, will give a gentle ride for those who have never cycled on a tricycle.

With the combined derailleur gears,( twist grip) plus the pedal assist motor, cycling becomes a pleasure.

With 20” wheels one sits in a position that feels safer than sitting on the larger conventional tricycles. A soft comfortable saddle completes the ride. For those trips to the shops or a few hours out in the countryside this tricycle is ideal.  When folded the two bogie wheels on the rear carrier allows easier movability.  Check the video to see how the R34 unique folding system is easy to operate. We have hundreds of happy customers.

Suitable to fit into a car boot, caravan, motor-home, camper van, boats and small private planes. The Di Blasi can also be used on many cruise ships.

There is no other tricycle that folds into a cube

Electric Motor

The R34 is equipped with  ‘pedal-assist’ electric motor.

The motor activates after pedaling begins.




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