Built-In Front Facing Camera
Equipped with full HD 1080p front camera which can be used as dashcam or action camera. The camera supports an SD memory card of up to 64GB (32GB SD Card included). When the memory is full, older files will be deleted automatically.

Smart Bluetooth
High-quality stereo sound, built-in speaker and windproof microphone so you can make calls, play music and enjoy voice navigation.

Safety Light
The helmet can automatically detect acceleration, deceleration or a fall and alert vehicles behind you with a warning light. Installing the remote control on your handlebars can actively control the left and right turn signals. The light can be seen from over 150 meters at night.

Safety Protection
The helmet is made from PC and EPS. Super comfortable, lightweight and greatly improved impact resistance. Using a replaceable magnetic visor deflects wind (and bugs) with removable windproof hearing protection.

Includes detachable ear warmers, great for riding in colder weather and removalable for riding in warmer weather.

The helmet lining is very comfortable and machine washable.

The helmet is water-resistant to IPX5 levels so you can ride in the rain.

Suitable for head circumferences from 55 to 62 cm (21.65 to 24.4 inches).


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