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Veloe Multi Cargo Bike + Bosch eBike Systems

The centrally mounted light motor Shimano (E6100, EP6 / soon or EP8) can assist your ride for 180 km using a fast-charging 504 (or more) kwhli-ion battery. It delivers a smooth, efficient and natural ride feeling.

From daily commuting to a lovely ride with picnic on the countryside, Veloe Multi is prepared for every activity.

Veloe Multi combined with Shimano Steps is available in 5 soft colors: Blue, Red, Grey, Black and Green.

rom making deliveries to customers or getting the kids to kindergarten or doing the shopping, the Cargo Line, which is designed specially for cargo bikes, makes transport easy and convenient.

Whether laden or unladen, The Cargo Line Drive Unit responds precisely and predictably in every situation.

The motor now provides more powerful support at low cadences, offering a greater boost when the rider starts off or accelerates. This makes everyday transport more relaxed and ensures maximum riding enjoyment on delivery rounds.

More torque
Specially designed for cargo eBikes
Perfect support every time
Safe riding sensation
Efficient motor
Dual Battery
Mastering gradients


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